Human Furniture Can Be a Challenge, Especially If You Are Born With Four Legs. Lol!

There are numerous cat and dog lovers out there, but how many of them have given enough thought to how unusual and odd actually our modern homes look in the eyes of our pets. Well, there are some pet owners who already have considered that and equipped their homes with special pet furniture. But they are still a minority.

Nonetheless, our grateful pets are quite understanding and put a lot of effort into the “bargain”. We provide shelter, food, love and care, they respond with love too and try to fit in our homes, as we have arranged them. Not always an easy task though. Sometimes it goes not quite as planned. But when the pet fails the owner is always near by and by chance with a camera in hands.

See some of the most hilarious poses these pets took in attempt to use human furniture.


Definitely wrong pose for a refreshing afternoon nap


Can’t tell for sure, but there must be a better use of the damn thing


What? You think that’s funny? It”s not funny! I can’t move, damn it!


Well, I used to be a mouse in my previous life


I know the keys are there.. somewhere ..


Definitely not one of my brightest ideas!


 Hi there!


What? You think I now what I’m doing?


The master seemed so comfy on the damn thing. What’s wrong?


If only I could get on the top of that thing! It seemed so much easier from the floor.


 Little help here..


Yeah, I know. But it seemed as such a good idea at first.


I feel I’m not doing this right, but… God, I’m exhausted.


Now is the moment to say “Miaow”, but can I!


The movie is boring, life is boring and It feels soo uncomfortable..




I am aware it is hard to call me the smartest dog alive, but I did give it my best shot.


Yeah, i know him from a decade. This guy can get asleep just anywhere!


Just hanging out


Why are you laughing, mammy? Please, help me!


 I’ll show them I can help in housekeeping. God, who invented this ridiculous machine!


I wish I was outside, running and playing with the snow. Also the bloody window could be on a better spot.


It wasn’t me, the cat did it!


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